The Cajun people are very creative and adaptive.  Being forced out of their homes twice before settling in the “New Country”, many  left  their homes with basically their shirts on their backs.  In the new settlement, they demonstrated an  ability to overcome adversity as they started their new life.  In this time of turmoil, the  Cajun spirit and ability to find good in an otherwise bad situation proved to be a real asset.  In so many situations the sense of humor , family and community supported their efforts to re establish themselves in  south Louisiana.

Nonc Patout  (Uncle Patout) was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana.  His family roots date back to some of the original Cajun settlers of the new land.  The original settling family expanded throughout the area.  This deep, rich heritage included oral traditions and stories, the Cajun French language , culture and  a unique way of expressing oneself.  A corner stone of this heritage is the values of religion and the family.  From the exposure to the culture and way of life, a deep sense of enjoyment grew for listening and sharing stories and the culture.  One such indicator of his deep heritage is his Cajun nicknames given to him as a child; T- Nonc, Nonc Patout, Nonc Poolou  and "Beebee Laplate"...All are worn with equal pride and enjoyment. 

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Fund Raising:   Nonc Patout offers unique, fun and enlightening fund raising ideas and concepts for  various organizations of the area.  Priority is given to educational associations and non profit organizations where children or disabled are benefited directly from such activities. 

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Celebrating the Cajun culture

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Celebrating the Cajun Culture
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