Nonc Patout realizes the need for fund raising activities with various organizations and accordingly has blended the experience and creative spirit into offering "fund raising' platforms.  However some offerings may be limited to geography.  Request information and lets find out!

Fund raising strategies has several key elements which can be selected in a menu format depending on goals and working environment.  The plan of action should be fun, exciting, enjoyable and rewarding for all.  (And at the same time expose everyone to the Cajun Culture and stories.

The key strategies include

  • Cajun Culture
  • Personal appearance of a story teller (optional but fun)
  • Book sales (coupled) with a live performance.  (again appearance is optional but fun)
  • Candy sales (Brittle in assorted size packages)
  • Cajun menu catering (limited to assortment based on venue)

Other creative  options are waiting to be discovered.    (Fill out request for info form below)

Fund Raising

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