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Nonc Patout has created some interesting prepared food products all with the "Cajun Flair".  For these products, contact Nonc Patout to make special arrangements.  Typically you can find these products at events that are attended by the Nonc Patout team such as Parish Fairs or State Fair.  (Regional attendance all of the state of Louisiana, East Texas up to Dallas area and south Mississippi.

  • Boudin:  (Cajun Rice Dressing stuffed into a sausage casing.  (Pork, Seafood, Gumbo, Jambalaya or three meats)
  • Cheese: Seafood
  • Stuffed Rolls and Wraps: (Pork, Seafood, Gumbo, Jambalaya or three meats)
  • Candy: an assorted selection of Brittle (peanut, pecan, fruit flavored)
  • Gourmet Greens: Casserole.  A unique combination of flavors. (Bar B Q, Seafood, Chicken, Sausage)

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Ching an' da Rogarou (Roo-ga-roo, legendary Werewolf or Shaggy dog creature of Cajun Lure)  or "Don't Scare dem Chirren"  This original story is written in the Cajun Dialect.  it is filled with humor, legend and a few lessons of life. It is a true oral story passed told to the Nonc by his Father.  The story took place  back in  a time when dirt roads and electricity was coming of age.  At this time, many of the country roads of South Louisiana did not have electric lights.  The story of the legendary Rougarou was common place conversation with the children of the time. 

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Halloween Avec de Gros Betail (Bay-tie, monster) (Halloween with the Big Monster).  An original Nonc Patout story, written in the Cajun dialect.  The main character is a legendary "Betail" (bay-tie) or monster that prowls the bayou .  The story is fun and includes elements of mystery, magic and spells as well as some good fortune for one little boy.  The ending is filled with wonder and happiness.  Great for children of all ages.  Join the adventure!

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The Real Bayou Love Story  A real tragic Cajun love story with an unusual twist with all the elements of a good love story; romance, moon lit serenade, desire and much more.  This is an authentic original oral story handed down through generations.  It is written in Cajun dialect and has a "humorous Cajun flair" with surprising ending.  Great for all ages.

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David's New Glasses This Original Cajun Story is based on the fear of wearing or getting new glasses.  The main character, David, simply cannot see.  He talks with all of his friends and family for advice but refuses to take care of the situation. Finally, after his eye sight gets so bad, he finally gets angry enough with himself and the situation that he decided to take care of his vision and get new glasses.  But in the end, he is in for a pleasant surprise.  Join him for his first day  school with his new glasses and find out what pleasant surprise awaits him.

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The Adventures of Poolou and Pet Boudin

Lil Gracey Douchon Loss her Couchon (Coo-shawn, pigs) Adapted from"  Little Bo Peep," Gracey searches the bayou for her lost her couchons (pigs) much like Little Bo Peep but Gracey's story unfolds it has a different ending.  In this surprising ending, Gracey makes some decisions which turns it into a good, festive event.  Gracey's adaptability is a key characteristic of the Cajun people.  This book is written in the Cajun dialect and is enjoyable for all ages.

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A'bit da Rabbit    (Albert the Rabbit)  This is a little ditty I sang in my adolescence life and still to this day.  I find a great sense of humor in the story.  It is based on the English ditty "Little Rabbit Foo- Foo.

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Hamhock an da Trois (three) Berts (bears)  A new and fresh Cajun adaptation of "The Three Bears" .  It is set in a South Louisiana and hunting camp.  It demonstrates the Cajun culture and ability to forgive and "get on with life" as well as the firm commitment to hospitality.  It has an unexpected and unusual Cajun twist.  Enjoyable for all ages.

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Introducing the Zydeco Swampland Band  This is a delightful Cajun rhyme. A band of animal musicians come together under a Cypress tree stand in south Louisiana and played foot tapping, back slapping Zydeco. It is based on the rhyme scheme of Hay Diddle Diddle but has a distinctly Cajun musical twist.  Enjoyable for all ages.

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